Welcome to Website of Go klub Troja!

Troja dormitories Go club is a place where people devoted to the the most beautiful strategic game in the world regularly meet. It was founded in 2004 and with small breaks has been active till now. There is usually around 10 people in the club getting fascinated by the game in a friendly atmosphere quite often accompanied by a nice music. Club meetings are every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ( starting the first Wednesday in October ). We are happy to welcome players of all strengths as well as people who do not know the rules yet.

How to get to us

Get to the subway station line C - Nádraží holešovice. Take a bus 112 ( goes to Prague ZOO :) and get off at second stop Pelc Tyrolka. Follow the crowd of students ( there always is some ) to the buildings of 17th November Dormitories. Go the further one ( building B - also smaller one ), pass the elevators and follow the corridorr behind reception. Enter the second door on the right and go downstairs to the dormitories basement. After leaving the stairs turn to the left and at second door on your right ( Ecumenic room ) our go club is awaiting you !